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Friday, January 15, 2010


  • Bookmarking 10/03/2010 Just added; You can send url to friends or copy to clipboard the exact position player is at within a video.
  • Language support 10/03/2010 Just added; You can translate all the menus and tooltips in your language now.
  • BackLight 28/10/2009Full screen show the best of it;
    Pretty much a simulation of Ambilight from Philips TVs.
    (I just hope Philips wont sue me for this :])
  • Seeking much like on live streaming videos, user can jump forward in the flv even if that file is not yet fully downloaded; this can save a lot of bandwidth since one can just jump forward and leave instead waiting full video to be downloaded first
  • Rich control bar, fade away after hovering mouse
  • Playlist, xml loaded
  • Ads over video
  • Previous/Next buttons on video sides
  • Full screen
  • Video Smoothing
  • Video screen fit switch

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